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How to Learn Knocking out?

In order to achieve the result, it is not usually enough to punch the punching bag. The proper punch cannot be trained without control and feedback. The punch can be compared with shooting – imagine that instead of target shooting you are proposed to shoot blindly, guided by hearing – is the bottle is broken or not? Or imagine that you are proposed to shoot off several magazines, to remove a blindfold and than to look at the result of shooting and correct the position of your body, arms, and etc.  Yes, some progress will probably be achieved…  And exactly using the same way of training, trainers try to drill a knockout punch – not even knowing what effect is achieved! The training device MaestroKnockout ® doesn’t have analogues. It will provide a possibility to see the results of each punch; it will become your personal target, demonstrating all the necessary information about your punch. The training device MaestroKnockout® will help you to fight even at home!

The training device MaestroKnockout® will make your punch harsh and strong!

In greater detail…

Personal Punching Trainer

Уникальный ударный тренажер МаэстроНокаут Увеличение силы удара с первых тренировок

We created a unique punching training device, considering the biomechanics of knockout and considering the real indexes of overloads (g). The following developments are used in the construction of MaestroKnockout®: 

  • «brain» with seven independent sensors;

  • a neck fixing, considering incline and resistance of rival head during a knockout;

  • special materials, improving efficiency and precision of measurements of «deep» punch;

  • correspondence of weight to other exponents of man’s head.



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