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Mastering of Knockout Using the Training Device Maestro Knockout®

The methods, which prove their efficiency, have always been interesting for boxers, street fighters and other people. At the same time, it is no matter do you want to learn fighting or train for participation in competitions.  Today, there are a great number of researches devoted to the punch, a lot of monographs devoted to the punch are written, but we still do not have a simple answer to the question: which method is better in which situation. And it is not strange, since the methods of estimation of punch destruction potential in practice provide us with various parameters giving a possibility to estimate this ability indirectly and often with a significant error. For example, the measurements were performed among karate fighters, and the sportsmen of greater experience and evidently with greater coordination, strength and other capabilities demonstrated worse results than the beginners. However, in the course of sparring everything became evident, more experienced fighters knocked out their rivals and less experienced fighters with the punch which demonstrated greater results – could not knock out.

As a result, the methods intended for improving the destruction potential of punch cannot provide a stable, guaranteed effect, today. Some people can be a puncher intrinsically, other people cannot, as trainers say, but in reality their difference lies in other thing. If we take a look at other sport events where any objective estimation is possible, we will see that there are some methods intended for developing various characteristics, which provide positive effects practically for all people and  not only for some geniuses.  In powerlifting, using proper methods, practically each man can execute a normative of candidate master, unless he has serious problems with health, it means that an average person can increase his strength significantly. In the track and field athletics, there are methods intended for developing speed, explosive force which can predictably improve these parameters.  At the same time there are people who train hard, lift barbells but cannot achieve similar results with powerlifters.  The reason is the same – they do not have methods and objective monitor of results.

So, what is the difference of any training with MaestroKnockout® from the training with a punching bag or focus pads? 

The main difference lies in the fact that the boxer sees the result and destruction potential of his punch – and he may correct methods of training and understand what is good for him or not good at all. Each person is individual, someone will need to work hard for improving his technics and coordination, and other one will need to increase explosive and absolute force, but only after measuring the results before and after using any training method we can judge about what result was achieved. If the measurements demonstrate stable growth of destruction potential – it means that you at least do proper exercises.

So, the main part of training in this case is working with the training device MaestroKnockout®. 

This part is called main due to its value without considering volume of work. Working with the training device, the sportsman transfers all potential worked out in the course of preliminary work (performance of technics, power training and etc.) into his punch.  Mastering of punch technics may be divided in several steps, where the combination of scope of work may be selected individually, on the basis of maximum effect. 

1. The sportsman performs a series of punches at the training device MaestroKnockout®, fixing minimal, medium and maximum destruction potential of selected punch. In the course of training, the person selects the most ergonomic and the safest way of performing movement automatically – at the beginning any punch to the training device imitating the real head of man may be ineffective or even unsafe – the technics which provided a powerful blow at the heavy punching bag may not provide a possibility to perform such blow at the training device. At the same time, the training device provides an extremely useful effect, which cannot be seen while training with punching bags or other training devices without accurate feedback. When the sportsman hits the training device, some of his punches are significantly more effective than the punches which he performs in the course of usual training. If he knows which punches from the series were better, he may try to repeat his sensations, technics, to repeat the most effective punches, and this possibility will help him to develop his present potential and to start performing any punch as the best one.

2.  At the end of training session, the sportsman can analyze the result of training, and if the result is positive, it means that the training at least provides a possibility to enforce his punch. If the power of punch wasn’t increased, it is necessary to analyze which characteristics must be improved and to execute support work for improving these characteristics.

3. In cases of necessity (they are cleared in p.2), the sportsman should execute additional exercises for improving explosive or absolute force, speed and technics between the days devoted to training with the training device.   Afterwards, the sportsman performs training with the training device Maestro Knockout®, which demonstrates the result which was achieved.

Based on data collected by us, we may make a conclusion that for the majority of people even the simplest variant – training with the training device Maestro – provides significant increasing of the punch destruction potential.  The additional methods of training the punch used for improving special characteristics may accelerate the growth — but it is necessary to remember, that if your weak characteristic is absolute force, its growth may be checked by the weight of  barbell which you can lift – but the destruction potential of punch can be demonstrated only using the training device MaestroKnockout®