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We can deliver to any city and country of the world!

The price of the unique training device Maestro Knockout® intended for achieving a proper knockout punch is 350 USD.

Attention!!! We send our goods with cash on delivery, using any service convenient for you (DHL, FEDEX, TNT, EMS, and UPS). Please, specify the cost of delivery from Sr. Petersburg, Russia to your country using the form presented above!

External dimensions of training device: 40х60х40 cm, weight 6 kg (15,7×23,6×15,7 inch, 13 lb).

We send the training device only after full reimbursement of its cost.  We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard and other convenient for you payment vehicles.

The warranty period for the training device MaestroKnockout® is 1 year! The service life of the training device Maestro Knockout® is 100 000 punches! We guarantee to repair or replace you training device Maestro Knockout® within the period of one year since the date of its purchase.  This warranty doesn’t cover the battery (type «Energizer 6F», which can be replaced easily) whose service life is more than one year and mechanical damages, such as cuts and etc. This training device is not designed for punches with foreign objects (bats, knives, army boots and etc.), but it withstands them. At the same time we guarantee repair and/or replacement only in case of proper usage of the training device MaestroKnockout®, i.e. for exercising   punches with hands and legs (without boots).