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Principle of Operation

The training device MaesrtoKnockout® is intended for training the punch in static and partially in dynamic considering biomechanics of knockout and real exponents of overloads «g».

Arrangement of MaestroKnockout®:

The training device consists of a polyurethane external cover, special filling, internal frame, with a fixture imitating a neck, weighting agents, threshold acceleration instruments and independent electronics with indication for each sensor.

The value of overloads is clarified as a result of numerous experiments with various punches, and the value of threshold knockout overloads is compared with data from the Wayne State Curve, which was created as a result of long-term experiments and defines hurting acceleration factors during crush tests of cars.

According to the Wane State Curve, the acceleration factors which damage the brain are starting from 40 g, at the same time, contrary to the hurting overloads as a result of car break-down, the hurting overloads as a result of punch to the jaw are strongly depend on the level of neck tightness, a rival’s head position during the punch, in addition, the result of a punch depends on the weight category of a rival and the weight of his head.

The training device Maestro Knockout® corresponds to a man with the weight of 80-100 kg with a well-developed and strained neck in terms of sensitivity to overloads. In order to knock out a man with such weight and the skill to accept punches, it is necessary to achieve overloads of 50 g, minimum — this threshold will correspond to possible knockout, but it will not provide 100% guarantee.

The punch of 35g, which is invincible for a rival, may result in knock down or knock out, whereas the punch of 80 g, which is visible or waited for, may be accepted without loss of consciousness.

While training with this training device, a boxer mustn’t grow in absolute value, since the absolute limit of knockout is absent, he must improve his personal parameters of a punch, increasing the possibility of knockout. 

Levels of overloads:

  • 20 g, the punch which doesn’t result in knockout.   Such level of punch will not result in knock out or knock down.
  • 30g, the level approaching to possible knock out, a rival may temporarily lose steadiness
  • 50g, the level of possible knockout.
  • 65g, good level of punch, resulting in lose of steadiness and consciousness for the majority of rivals.
  • 80g, the level of heavy-weight punchers.
  • 95g, 110g, levels of record-breakers, this levels are not actual for normal people. 

All indications are calculated for swing to jaw.

How to install the training device MaestroKnockout®?

It is desirable to install the training device MaestroKnockout® on the carrying wall (in case of fixing on the divide walls there is a possibility to create excessive noise while punching).  The minimum diameter of fasteners is 6 mm; the maximum diameter is 10 mm. The fasteners are not included in the kit of training device.

Algorithm of fastening on the concrete (brick) wall: 

  • It is necessary to mark holes at the necessary height.
  • Using a perforator or a shock drill, bore holes in the wall with the depth of 80-150 mm, you may insert rockbolts or expansion anchors which correspond to the diameter of hole. Use corresponding fixtures for foamed and hollow materials (define more exactly at the shop).
  • The training device must be fixed using the body washers, it is recommended to use 2 washers for each hole. Fixing the training device, do not apply overexertion when tightening screws.

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